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Early Childhood Physical and Cognitive Developent #earlychildhood # therapy # physicaltherapy # development # childhooddevelopment # cognitive

12 USD / 30 Minutes

The first months of a child's life is a busy time for his brain and body. Muscles and fat are developing, the brain is growing rapidly, digestion, coordination, audio and visual recognition are all coming together. Baby may be sleeping, but a lot of work is being done! However, you may have questions about your baby's behavior, the pace and order of his or her development. Let me put your mind at ease, improve your understanding of what's going on, and point you toward healthy exercises and further resources to aid your baby's development.

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Each baby has his or her own "schedule", and there's no one time-chart that defines what development will look like. But informed parents can help their children get the most out of the early months, when so many things are coming together at once, ask the right questions, and find additional help when it's needed.

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