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Sleddogs: Breeding, Grooming and Training Huskies #dog # dogtraining # dogsledding # husky # sleddog # sled # sledding

5 USD / 45 Minutes

If you are just curious of a husky dog, or you want to gift it to your children, or maybe you already have a dog yet have no idea how to handle it, since it is insane and never listens to you, then it is time to learn more about Husky! Me and my fiancée will help you to understand the world of husky. We also can consult you of how to properly breed, feed, groom and train it! Huskies sometimes might be really selfish and crazy, so, we can talk of how to manage your beautiful dog! For those of you who love huskies not just because they are beautiful and crazy but because they are also good at sport we can talk about the trainings, how to organize local races, select the equipment and many more! Join us in this journey to an exciting World of Huskies!

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