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Neck and lower-back pain: Holistic, no-pharma healing from Kyrgyzstan #medical # doctor # alternativehealing # traditionalmedicine # therapy # physicaltherapy # back

11 USD / 20 Minutes

If you are struggling with back or neck pain, consider a comprehensive diagnostic before you jump into medications or operations. Through a thorough review of your pain points, posture, medical history and exercise regimin, I can help to identify the causes of pain and explain your condition in simple language. My recommendations are based on more than 15 years' experience as a physician, research of pain, and my own personal experience overcoming acute and chronic back pain.

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I apply an Integrated Pain Management Approach that combines Western, evidence-based medicine with Asian traditional therapies. I aim for comprehensive health and well-being with my patients. That is, I don't only focus on the pain-point, but I explore with each patient his or her physical, mental and spiritual health as a path toward better living.

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